Dr. B. Pfleiderer

Wetenschappelijke onderzoeken

A study of the aging of silicone breast implants using 29Si, 1H relaxation and DSC measurements. 2004 >>

Liquid- and solid-state high-resolution NMR methods for the investigation of aging processes of silicone breast implants. 2003 >>

Determination of siloxanes, silicon, and platinum in tissues of women with silicone gel-filled implants. 2003 >>

Silicone breast implants: correlation between implant ruptures, magnetic resonance spectroscopically estimated silicone presence in the liver, antibody status and clinical symptoms. 2002 >>

MRI and MR spectroscopy after silicone breast implants in the female breast. 2001 >>

Determination of low molecular weight silicones in plasma and blood of women after exposure to silicone breast implants by GC/MS. 2001 >>