Rofil / M-implants vallen onder de PIP implantaten. De siliconengel is hetzelfde. Ze zijn geproduceerd in Breda.

In Nederland blijkt het grootste percentage Rofil te hebben in plaats van PIP.

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Mammary Implants

M-Implants consist of two components: silicone elastomer envelope and and soft fill made of soft silicone or other material.

General feature of M-Implants

1.Barrier Envelope technique" Unique Multi Layer Technology (MLT) Creates a greater number of layers in the barrier envelope (4 -10 layers), compared to traditional standardized techniques with a maximum of only 3 layers. MLT ensures longevity of the envelope with the maximum degree of strenght posssible. A wall thickness greater than 0,40-0,95 mm. A minimum tensile strenght of 790 psi. MLT is effective in reducing gel diffusion (or gel bleed) to an absolute minimum.

2. Method of Texturing Unique and effective sugar erosion method. Avoid uneveness, initial friction, and envelope weakening. Minimizes shedding and migration. Faciliates tissue adherence and minimizes capsular contraction.

3. High - Cohesive Gel technology. In the unlikely case of envelope rupture, the silicon gel will not leak into the tissue. Ensures excellent memory (shape retention) and produces softness.


1. Raw Materials

Envelopes are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials available. All raw materials comply with American Standard Test Method (ASTM) and equivalent European Standards.

2. Production

Manufactured in European-based ultra-modern production facilities. According to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.

3. Quality standards

M-Implants are tested for tensile strength, wall thickness, texturing, gel consistency, and sterility, among other features. Following the manufacturing process, the implants must pass a stringent final inspection.

M-Implants types

• Silicone Gel M-Implants

• Saline M-Implants

• Anatomical Implants

• Left/Right Implants


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